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Start to Finish Solutions

Start to Finish Solutions

Start to Finish Solutions

We offer complete design solutions from concept to completion for your custom outdoor living space.


All Encompassing

Start to Finish Solutions

Start to Finish Solutions

We cover all aspects from fireplaces to fire pits; outdoor living spaces to outdoor kitchens; wood fired ovens (pizza ovens) to masonry heaters. 

Make every night a stay-cation vacation.


Quality and Satisfaction

Start to Finish Solutions

Quality and Satisfaction

 We guarantee high quality construction for every project. Review the gallery and you'll agree that we're the best choice for all of your custom masonry living spaces!

About The Owner


Get to Know Jeffrey T Owens

 For over thirty years, Jeff has built a solid reputation as one of Southeast Michigan's most reliable masonry contractors through his masonry business JTO Masonry


After many years servicing residential, commercial and industrial customer’s masonry needs, Jeff decided to create a division 100% dedicated to custom masonry living spaces.


As a husband and father of two fast-growing and activity-based children, Jeff realized how difficult it was to "get away" from it all and therefore created his own Outdoor Backyard Oasis to provide the perfect atmosphere. 

Jeff wanted to share these thoughts and ideas to help customers create their own perfect, one of a kind, fairy-tale outdoor living space. 

Jeff created Fire, Heat & Eats, where masonry dreams come true and every night becomes a stay-cation vacation!

JTO Masonry

Visit Jeff's other division, JTO Masonry, to help assist with all other masonry needs. We specialize in home concrete solutions, custom carvings, concrete floors -basically everything masonry!