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If you are here, then you probably know about our CoVid 19 “bread” story and are looking to enjoy some of Jeff’s “Daily Muses” during what we call the great bake-off 2020. If you stumbled upon us by accident, click below for more details and read on! 


Our CoVid 19 Bread Story


In March our friend, Dave Exner, was talking to Jeff about how he could not get bread for his family at the grocery store. At this time bread, milk, eggs, toilet paper etc were flying off the shelves as people panicked and hunkered down for the fast approaching pandemic.  Schools, restaurants and bars were closing, people stopped socializing, and many people started working from home. 

This conversation sparked an idea with our family to help our local neighbors who were struggling locating basic supplies. Jeff, unable to work due to the construction industry closures, decided we could put our wood-fired oven to use and started baking bread. This quickly moved to helping other people in our community struggling to feed their kids due to schools closing (causing issues with lunch programs). We offered 20-30 loaves of fresh baked bread to be picked up daily, curbside, at our house in the city of Riverview, MI. As days and weeks went by, this morphed into more daily bread and people helping by delivering bread to those that could not get out and those now quarantined to their house due to the virus. 

Fast forward to May 2020; we are 50+ days into our activity and we are now making 108 loaves a day with over half of the bread going to local frontline workers at hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes and police/fire departments.

Every day Jeff wakes up around 5 AM daily to start the “morning fire” and get ready for bread-making. Some days, as he waits for the oven to heat up, he puts his thoughts together and comes up with a “daily muse”. He then posts these muses on our Breadmeister FaceBook page to give people something fun to read (other than reading all of the negative thoughts/comments overloading social media sites at this time). These muses have been copied to this site for others to enjoy and to capture our activities during this time. One day we will look back and read these… is hard to think about what things will be like in a year from now. 


My Bread-making Blog BY Jeff Owens